Continuing on with the theme of online brands (check out my last post – Improving My Online Brand and Social Media Accounts ), I will now be analyzing the different social media accounts that I possess and websites I appear on. These include: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Word Press, LinkedIn, YouTube, Hastings College – Volleyball Roster, and HC Media Online. I will be discussing their purpose, content, and content plan for each one.


Twitter is where I would say I have my biggest online presence. I view and post on it the most often. With as much time that I do spend on it, I need to spend just as much time reshaping it to present myself in a more professional manner.

  • Purpose: To act as my personal account as well as incorporating more HC Media elements.
  • Content: Personal content and promotional/ informational HC Media content.
  • Content Plan: Place for personal tweets and pictures as well as a place to promote my HC media stories. I plan to post on Twitter around 12 pm – 3 pm on Monday – Friday.


Facebook allows me to connect with my friends and show them what I am up to. A way to attract people to your posts is to have pictures. I plan on using pictures most of the time to help get viewers to interact with what I post.

  • Purpose: To act as my personal account, post about articles that I have written for the Collegian, and HC Media promotions.
  • Content: Content similar to what I have on Twitter, but more professional. Personal content, promotional and informational HC Media content, my own content related to web and broadcasting.
  • Content Plan: Place for personal posts, links to HC Media stories that I have written, and to connect with more of my friends in an easier/ more popular manner. I plan to post on in the afternoon sometime during the week.


Instagram is all about pictures. Choosing the right one and the best one will require more than one take. The picture also needs to contain a caption that allows attracts interaction.

  • Purpose: Personal account including some posts related to media.
  • Content: Pictures that I post will include: personal posts and HC Media promotionals/updates that feature me doing media related activities.
  • Content Plan: Place to post some of my pictures, which will include some related to HC Media. I will post on Instagram about once a week.


Pinterest is a place where I can save things that have interest to me, whether that’s food, working out, or pictures of dogs. I could potentially use Pinterest to find more media related pins, but for now I will continue to use it as a more personal account.

  • Purpose: To save pins that interest me.
  • Content: This account will stay pretty much the same. I will continue to freely pin things on my board.
  • Content Plan: Place for personal things I can revisit later.
Word Press

Word Press is going to help me get my thoughts out to others. It is also a great place to store any of my stories that I have written for HC Media. If the article I write doesn’t appear on HC Media Online, then I will post it in a blog on here.

  • Purpose: To use my blog in more of a promotional and effective way for myself.
  • Content: Blog about things I know about and tag companies in them. I will continue to post to try and attract more people and to find/ connect with people that have the same interests. Articles that I have written for HC Media will be on here and can hyperlink back to the website.
  • Content Plan: Word Press will be an archive for all my stories. The stories that don’t appear on HC Media, will go on Word Press. Stories that are uploaded to the media website will be hyperlinked in my blog posts for other stories.

HC Media Online

HC Media has a big influence in my life. This group or team has people working towards experience in the field they are striving to be in. I am the Webmaster for HC Media. This allows me to edit content on HC Media Online and to restructure the website and social media plan. I will have a blog that I will write soon that tells more about that.

  • Purpose: HC Media Online is the place where I can express myself in the most professional way.
  • Content: I will continue to write articles for the Collegian and this is a place that some of them can be viewed. Game recaps that I video will be on here.
  • Content Plan: This is a place where I can write stories, locate some game recaps, and edit pages or other content.
    • Here is a picture with a tag that is connected to an article I wrote on the website. To view the article, refer to the link at the bottom of the picture.




LinkedIn acts as a sort of online resume and is a great way to connect with future employers, current students and alumni.

  • Purpose: To get connected with more people in my field of interest as well as alumni/ current HC students.
  • Content: My profile with contain information about me and skills/ information that is worded towards the jobs I’m looking for.
  • Content Plan: Connect with more people to create a network that could help build possible job opportunities.


YouTube is an easy way to post and store any videos that I have produced throughout my HC Media career.

  • Purpose: To act as a video portfolio of what I have done for HC Media.
  • Content: Videos that I have made of sports game recaps, my J-term project, and the coach interviews I have done for pre-games.
  • Content Plan: Archive place for all the videos I have made for HC Media.

Hastings College- Volleyball Roster

The Hastings College volleyball roster is a place that I appear but don’t have much control over changing.

  • Purpose: Proof that I am on the Hastings College Volleyball team.
  • Content: The roster includes a list of my other teammates. If you click on my name, it shows a profile with a little bit of background information about me.
  • Content Plan: Since I have no control over changing this roster, it will remain the same.

I may not have gotten every single media presence that I have but this is a good variety and hits most of the major presences. In this post, I expanded on how I planned to reshape my online brand. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at