I believe I can make a difference in this world just like anyone else. I may be only 20 years old, but I have big hopes for my future. I don’t want to just find a job and live a boring life, I want to be successful. I want to BE someone! Before I get into more about why I want to do that, I’ll tell you more about myself.

My name is Danielle Shenk and I am a sophomore at Hastings College. I’m majoring in Broadcasting because media has become such a big factor in everyone’s lives. I recently got the job of being the Webmaster and the Assistant Sports Director for the HC Media team. Being a part of the HC Media team has given me more experience than I could have asked for, and there’s still more to come.

When I’m not studying, I’m training with the volleyball team at Hastings. We won the GPAC Championship and thought THAT was a great accomplishment. Then we defied the odds in the Championship game at Nationals. Being down 2 sets to 0, we came back and won. Finally, all of our hard work has paid off.

I would have never guessed I would be where I am today. I come from a small town of only 300 people and no grocery store. Both of my parents lived in the area that we do now. There isn’t much to do where I come from, so I keep myself busy at home with puzzles and bothering my only brother. So exciting, right? Being from such a small town and not having much excitement has never inspired me more to do something with my life.

I believe that I have already made a difference in this world, but I want to have even more of an impact. Studying at Hastings College has inspired me to go the extra mile in the things that I do, and try to learn as much as I can. I want to show those who have put me down or thought that I couldn’t do something that I actually can, and they were only fuel for my fire.